Saturday, November 15, 2014

Acure Organics: Party with a Purpose Product Recap and Giveaway

A few months ago I was selected to take part in the Acure Organics Show Your Face party.  The premise was simple, watch a Acure produced documentary and throw a party with friends to try out Acure products.  Acure makes skin care products mostly made with organic ingredients so I was looking forward to trying them out.  All of their products are gluten free with no synthetic preservatives, and they are cruelty free!
My friends and I we already having a girls night out so I brought out all the products for everyone to try.  My personal favorites were the Clarifying Mint Body Wash which has a really strong scent but I love that it wakes me up first thing in the morning!  I thought it lathered up and rinsed cleanly but the fact that the scent is amazing and the ingredients won’t make me have an allergic reaction makes me love this stuff even more!
My friend C tried out the Shampoo and Conditioner and she reported back that she liked use the products on her curly hair.  I also tried out the Facial Moisturizer and found that it was gentle on my skin but didn’t give me the soft feel that my Simple facial moisturizer did.
If you've never tried Acure products, here is an opportunity.  I’m giving away a few full size Acure Organics items, so feel free to enter below!

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*Acure provided some products but all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alameda Antique Fair

After a busy Saturday I met up with the Best Friend and we made out way to Alameda to source stuff for our collection and to help her sister finds some goods for her rustic wedding in the spring.  It was a gorgeously perfect day in Alameda, cool enough for a jacket and scarf, but warm enough that coats were able to be shed throughout the course of the day.

I’ve previously posted on what to bring to Alameda for a successful day but as a refresher, bring comfortable shoes, water, something to write with and CASH!

First, we stopped at one of my favorite French vendors where we spotted this white cart.  That was gone by the end of the day of course, I made sure to check just before we left.  That cart would be perfect for a pantry or book case-it's definitely something that I've seen styled at Anthropologie in the past.  

After visiting our favorites we headed toward the back of the fair and made our way up front. If you want some deals and don't mind sifting through some unorganized vendors (some are but not all!) start in the rear of the fair.  We  found some amazing teal Mason jars for $5!  This is a steal considering they have the latch and the tops still on.  The BFF picked up some chippy window panes for her dining room to use as wall art and we wandered around where we found some more really great deals.  We found frames, drooled over some gorgeous furniture and ate the fresh donuts that are always available that day.

After a solid day of sourcing we loaded up "Angel" our shopping cart and headed home.  I put out my jars to display right away which caused my husband to just shake his head.  Aren't they beauties??

Monday, November 3, 2014

Uniqlo Great Mall, Milpitas

I’m taking it easy after a wonderfully busy weekend. It kicked off Thursday of last week when I was accepted to join a blogger event that celebrated the new opening of the Uniqlo store at the Milpitas Great Mall.  First impressions are everything and the location is not that far from the South entrance and I loved the touch of the words 'Japan to Milpitas' sign outside the store. 

My BFF and I chatted with other local bloggers, sipped champagne, ducked from the freaky Double Robotics Ipad robots and discussed the clothes the models were wearing.  One thing I noticed was a light puffer vest on one of the models and made a note to check it out in the store.  

(Loved this puffer vest and with a pair of riding boots I could totally see myself chasing after the kiddos in this outfit)

 Those plaid shirts are so amazingly comfortable!!

There was a performance by a local Taiko group and then we were able to enter the store!  I admit there is something so thrilling about entering a new store that you’ve never actually stepped foot in and I liked that the narrow hallway opened up to a huge space.  

While the mingling and chatting was fun, lets talk about the important stuff...the clothes!!  I would say the store reminded me of preppy clothes but with a punch of color.  I saw lots of amazing colors, textures, clothes for work, play and a wide range of kids and men’s clothes.  The space itself is nicely set up with plenty of room in between the racks, good sized dressing rooms and a ton of registers in the center.   My only minor complaint was that there was not enough room around the registers, it felt like the lines wrapped a bit too tight around the racks in front of the registers. 

Uniqlo generously provided a gift card to use in the store and I was able to try on a good amount of clothes.  I did go with that amazing puffer vest, several basics like v-neck sweater and a plaid stole for winter.  Here is the bestie modeling that stole!

I fell in love with these plaid shirts and picked up this blue and white one.  Thank you to Uniqlo for inviting me to this great event!  

We finished out the weekend by celebrating Halloween and a trip to the Alameda Antique Fair.  I can’t wait to share my finds with you all!

*I was compensated with a gift card to Uniqlo however all opinions are my own.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blissful Binge Watching: Peaky Blinders

Last week, I took advantage of some rest time to allow my cold from HELL to work it’s way out and to finish binge watching Peaky Blinders.  After watching the entire first season (on Netflix) I was so excited to find the newer episodes online.  I didn’t know if I was going to like it and I’m happy to report that I LOVED it!  I’m going to avoid spoilers so are are some of my thoughts… 

 The characters are called Peaky Blinders gang for the razors that they sew into the peaks of their caps.  When they fight (and they do, quite often) they ofter use those same caps to blind their adversaries with the razors.  Season one sets up the story of these Shelby brothers, Thomas and Arthur, who suffer from PTSD after being in the battle of Verdun during WWI. It's the early 1920’s in Birmingham England, and they find themselves in a position make the leap to expand their illegal bookmaking enterprise.  Although Arthur is older, it’s Thomas that is the leader of the Peaky Blnders and the Shelby family itself.  Calculating and always looking for a way to move his family up in the underworld, he rules his gang and family with a mask of steel.  Thomas is played by Cillian Murphy and he is amazing in the role.  He’s clever, practical and very loyal to his brothers and his friends who he served with.  But he's not the only strong actor in the series, Helen McCory as Aunt Polly is pretty fantastic. 
Everything about this show is visually stunning from the cast to the sets to the costumes.  When I heard that Tom Hardy was playing a new character in Season 2 that totally sealed the deal for me.  I’m almost caught up on the second season and I’m finding it a great substitute for Boardwalk Empire which ends this Sunday. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Walmart Fall Beauty Box Review

Walmart recently launched a quarterly beauty box for a low price.  I'm not sure if they are just dipping their feet in the subscription box business but it's basically a version of their sample promotions, the different is there are multiple items in the box.  I ordered it mid September and it was waiting for me when I got home from Maui last week.

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant- This is a full size product and makes this box worth the $5 price!  

Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner- These products smell great but alas, they are for people with "fine, flat hair" which we all know, just isn't me.  I'll pass these off to someone else who will be able to use them.  

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume- I thought I would hate this floral perfume but it smells so good!  I looked it up and it's described as a mix of "vanilla, fruit with woodsy notes."  Whatever it is, I'm a fan!

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil- I had no idea this product existed so I'm eager to try it.  I keep my scalp and my ends lightly oiled so I'm always looking for new products to help whenever my hair gets dry which is usually right around this time.  

Loreal Pore Vanisher-This packet is only large enough for one application so I'm not sure if that's enough to actually see if this product even works.  It feels as if it's just a box filler.

CoverGirl Glowing Nights Glosstini in Laserlights-  This color is way too dark for my tastes but will make a great stocking stuffer for one of my nieces!

CoverGirl Glossy Balm in Innocent Coral-  This is another full size product which was a nice surprise and it's a decent color that I can't wait to try out.  Admittedly I don't use Cover Girl products very much but I do like lip gloss so hopefully this works out.

Walmart has said they will send out 4 boxes a year and I'm quite curious as to see if there will be more full size items offered in the future.  The Fall box is sold out but you can sign up for the Winter box here.

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Taking a Breath.

Life reminded me that I need to relax and take a chill pill.  I came down with a horrible cold and I’m still trying to fight through it.  Too much running around, travel and stress is definitely taking it’s toll on my body and in turn, on my family.  So today I cuddle up with a blanket, a cup of tea, a House of Cards marathon and do my best to take care of myself.  

In Other News...
  • Loving Gotham and in particular the sassiness of the Selina Kyle character.  Catwoman is my second favorite comic book character (Rogue being the first) and I like what they are doing with her storyline.

  • P and I got around to watching The Fault in Our Stars a few weeks ago.  The tears you guys, they just wouldn’t stop falling!

  • The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, I cannot wait!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Maui, HI

Last week we spent some time in Maui on our first major family vacation.  I admit I wasn’t really thrilled with getting on a plane for 5 hours with a 18 month old and like I predicted she didn’t do great on the plane.  But it wasn’t anything that couldn’t easily be forgotten with a view of the beach and mai tai in hand! ;)

We definitely had some challenges with Kiki adjusting to the time change.  Most days she got up at 3:30 or 4 am and we had to be really creative with how we kept her quiet so A could sleep.  Most mornings she chilled out in our back with a cup of cheerios and the news playing quietly on the tv.  
We stayed at the Honua Kai resort which was a gorgeous resort with the added benefit of poolside service, something that we missed when we travelled to Kauai two years ago.  The Honua Kai has a Dukes attached to the resort which we took advantage of and it is also across the street from a great coffee spot and a local supermarket.

One night after dinner I got a hankering for pies so the husband headed to Leoda’s to pick up some pies.  P got himself a chocolate cream and A and I apple hand pies.  They were DELICIOUS.  The crust was buttery and was perfectly crumbly.  I’m not a huge fan of chocolate cream but the mister said he liked it a lot.  Here’s a tip, go after lunch but before dinner to beat the crowds and get fresh pies.  Our hand pies were still warm from the oven!

We also tried out Ono Tacos and quickly came obsessed with their shrimp tacos!  We went back multiple times.  Ono Tacos is in Lahaina and is basically a one room on the side of a building and it's really easy to miss.  All the food is grilled on the patio and I recommend taking the food to go, there simply isn't enough tables and chairs.  Another gem that yelp led us to was Wow Wow Lemonade and I think the Strawberry Basil Lemonade was the best lemonade I have EVER tasted.  A bonus is that you can buy them in reusable glass mason jars!!

Other than eating lots of delicious food we spent a lot of time on the beach, our favorite being Baby Beach in Paia, a beach that is protected by a reef that allowed A to play in a calm pool of water.  

There was so much we didn't get to do including a day trip to Lanai but I think that will be a future trip once Kiki is old enough to handle the time change and plane ride!